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"Customary" or " Order of Worship" Booklets and Bulletin Covers

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These are available to you with your church's name and information printed on them. They are produced for each season with a custom graphic designed for that season. Booklet Covers are printed on a heavier colored stock with black ink while Bulletin Covers are printed on Laser paper with colored ink.

Booklet Covers are available for you to combine with your own inside pages (music, text, etc..). We use a heavier cover paper (65 lb.) in a color that coordinates with the liturgical season. Printing is in Black ink.

PRICING for Booklet Covers:

  500 at $66.00
1000 at $100.00

Bulletin Covers
offer these same designs on a high quality white Laser paper (24 lb.) for use with a copier or laser printer. The season's design is printed in the appropriate seasonal color.

PRICING for Bulletin Covers:

500 at $63.00
  1000 at $93.00

Special note: Larger and smaller quantities can also be produced.

General Service Booklets

Our General Service Booklet is an easy size to handle at 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" . These booklets are Linen Tape Bound for a nice clean edge that will hold up to use. The text is formatted to make the order of the service easy to follow.. with congregational responses in bold italic. All text is taken completely from the Book of Common Prayer, 1979 version, and includes The Decalogue, Penitential Order Rite One, Holy Eucharist Rites One and Two, and the Prayers of the People. Also included are the services for Holy Baptism, Confirmation and Reception. The cover is customized with your church's name, address and phone numbers.

Ordination of a Priest, Ordination of a Deacon, or Customized Ordination Service Booklets:

These generic booklets are for the congregations use during an ordination service. They have the approved text from the Office of the Primate and use Rite II Prayer A for Eucharist. They are 16 pages long and have a White Linen cover printed in Blue ink. Any quantity may be ordered and usually can be shipped the same day.

These booklets can be CUSTOMIZED with specific information throughout, including the name of the Ordinand, Bishop, presenters, songs, scripture readings, etc. 4 weeks are needed to produce the customized version to allow time for proofing and any changes. Because additional pages are needed, the customized version does not qualify for the 65 cent pricing.

The Ordination of a Priest service booklets are 65 cents each
The Ordination of a Deacon service booklets are 65 cents each

Large version for use at the Altar are $6.00 each
This version is 8.5" x 11" with larger type and is Linen Tape/Perfect bound. The cover is in color and is laminated to offer durability.

We will need to contact you directly if you wish to order Customary's. 
Please provide us with the following information.

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